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The big problem with most websites out there is their lack of traffic and poor sales performance. The reasons can be many and varied. However often part of the problem is the poor content, coding and keywords that make up the site. Basically, the site is little more than a brochure, plus Google can’t understand what the site’s about and therefore won’t rank it highly. 

WordPress means more traffic

The best fix to a poorly performing site is to first improve the coding foundation. i.e. Convert it to run on the amazing WordPress platform, which has long proven itself to be superior in terms of structure, traffic-building and SEO performance.

WordPress is the worlds most popular, fastest-growing Content Management System (CMS) software. Upgrades the last few years have turned it from a popular blogging system to a fully featured CMS. It powers custom-branded business websites, directories, major magazine sites, blogs, storefronts, even realty websites. It powers over 55% of all CMS websites worldwide. Second placed Joomla, is at 8.8%. (read more)

Why so popular? Low setup costs is a huge factor, although business owners love the traffic and ranking improvements over other [more costly] systems. Typically 50-300% in the first year. The easy editing options encourage more site updates, which itself helps ranking. The free Yoast SEO tools further assist users to optimise their content, title tags, meta descriptions and keywords, plus other tools tie the site into social media channels and the Google search engine.

Superior Support and Expansion options

For designers and developers like ourselves it’s a dream platform. We’ve access to an active 5,000+ worldwide development community providing amazing feature and niche market add-ons, performance enhancements, instant support etc. This is an area most other CMS providers will struggle to match. Some local and offshore solutions are developed and maintained by just a handful of coders – Meaning higher overall costs, support delays and development stagnation.

Easy targeting of the 44% smartphone market

In the last 12 months NZ smartphone use has jumped from 12% to 44%. (NBR).  A lot of quick business opportunities come from those who are out and about, or have simply discarded their PC in favour of the small screen. Having a fast, mobile-responsive, search-optimised website now pays huge dividends for business.

For minimal added cost, a new WordPress site can be mobile-responsive, automatically adjusting to suit the viewing device. Running a WordPress site that drives a consumer Mobile App is another exciting option. For site editors adding content is also made easier with mobile apps for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile. It’s easier than updating your Facebook page.

Expert Upgrade Services

We can convert most existing CMS, html, flash, even many eCommerce websites to the WordPress CMS, as well as accept designer PSD (Photoshop) designs. For details and a quote, fill in the form, right. Our upgrade packages are surprisingly affordable too, typically half the cost of other CMS solutions. This means you can now afford to market the site and build up traffic.

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